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Metallurgical Microscope
SM3 Portable Metallurgraphic Microscope
Details: KEY FEATURES● Special magnetic base, fixing the unit firmly on the workpieces●Suitable for large-scale roll test and direct observation, no cutting and sampling.●LED lighting, uniform color t...
Inverted Metallographic Microscope SD300M
KEY FEATURESInfinite focusing optics provides high resolution image.Objective: Long viewing distance type.Wide field of view: 20mmThe three-plate mechanical stage can accept nearly all sample sizes an...
XJP-6A Metallurgical Microscope
XJP-6A metalloscope can be widely used in such departments as factories, schools and science research institutions for indentifying and analyzing the microstructure of all kinds of metal and al...
SM400 Inverted Metallographic Microscope
KEY FEATURESEconomical practical design offering for inspecting grain coarsening metallurgical samplesEasy installation by the production line and easy to carrySuitable for colleges and factories We h...
SM500 field optical microscope
SM 500 microscrope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for inspecting metallography of metals in laboratory or in-situ. With fully handheld design and unique ma...

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