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Portable Hardness Tester
Portable Hardness Tester HARTIP 2500
HARTIP 2500 of Portable Hardness Tester HARTIP is an innovation of traditional Leeb hardness tester, which based on our patent technology inside probe. All probes worked with HARTIP 2500 are modularized digital probe, which gives more accurate hardness value. Besides, HARTIP 2500 can also work with our wireless probe and new RP reading probe as optional.
Portable pen type hardness tester HARTIP1600 with auto impact direction
HARTIP600 is an advanced state-of-the-art integrated palm sized metal hardness tester which incorporate impact device and controller into one unit. Using our patent technology, SADT HARTIP1600 gives out extraordinary high accuracy up to +/-2 HL. HARTIP1600 will be used easily by menu operation even without operation manual, also it has a customer re-calibration and statistics function.
New Integrated Hardness Tester Hartip4100 with Durable Metal Housing, Supporting 10 Kinds of Languages
Product DescriptionNew Leeb hardness tester HARTIP4100 with durable metal housing , D&DL 2-in-1 probe optional HARTIP4100 is an advanced state-of-the-art palm sized metal hardness tester with many new...
Portable hardness tester HARTIP3210 with digital cable probe /wireless probe
Product DescriptionHARTIP 3210 is a new generation of Leeb hardness tester with more advanced technology and features.The tester applies our new patent technology which makes the tester more accurate...
HARTIP2200 portable hardness tester with wireless probe
2013 Newest Durometer with WIRELESS Probe!!! Introduction: HARTIP 2200 is an innovation of HARTIP series portable hardness tester. It works with a wireless RF probe. The RF probe can transfer measur...
Portable Hardness Tester Hartip1900
HARTIP 1900 hardness tester is a portable integrated Leeb hardness tester that is specially designed to measure hardness of castings in HL (Leeb), HRB (Rockwell B), HB(Brinell). It has more impact ene...
HARTIP 2000 portable Hardness Tester
HARTIP 2000 hardness tester is an innovative portable Leeb hardness tester with our new patent technology. Which make HARTIP 2000 a universal impact direction hardness tester. It is no need t...
HARTIP1800 Hardness Tester
HARTIP1800 is an advanced state-of-the-art palm sized metal hardness tester with many new features. Which is light weight, easy operation, integrated design, high contrast display, low operating tempe...

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