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HRS-150 Hardness Tester

Product name: HRS-150 Hardness Tester

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        The HRS-150 Rockwell hardness tester is designed for ease of use and safety in operation and conforms with the international Rockwell standard. Depending on the combination of indenter type and applied total test force, a unique symbol is given to each Rockwell scale. The HRS-150 will automatically show your selection of a specific Rockwell scale on the LCD display, and indicate which load is being used. The integrated autobrake mechanism allows the preliminary test force to be applied manually without the possibility of an error. After application of the preliminary force, the HRS-150 will proceed with a fully automatic test: loading, dwell time, unloading, and computation of the hardness value on display. Connected to the included printer, by means of an RS-232 output, its possible to print out all results directly.

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• Cemented carbide
• Thin sheet
• Case hardened steel
• Copper
• Bearing metal
• Annealed steel
• Brass
• Hard-drawn aluminium alloys
• Beryllium copper
• Phosphor bronze
• Earing metal
• Grinding stone

• Preliminary test force (minor load): 98.07N (10k9f)
• Test force (test load): 588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)
• Table up/down drive: Manual with auto-brake mechanism
• Load application: Automatic (loading-dwell time-unloading)
• Load duration: 0s to 30s (specified in 1s increments)
• Display: Digital
• Hardness scales setting: HRC, F, B, G, H, E, K, A, D
• Hardness increment: 0.1 (for each scale)

• Maximum height: 170mm (6.7")
• Maximum depth: 165mm (6.5") from center of indenter shaft
• Data processor: Integrated
• Printer: External (included)
• Output: RS232
• Power supply: 220 V AC/50/60Hz
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 215x500x750mm (8.46x19.68x29.53")
• Mass: 85kg

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